Sipai Klein
Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writers’ Studio | Department of English | Clayton State University | | 678-466-4747 (W)

PhD New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM (May 2011)
Major: Rhetoric and Professional Communication
Primary Areas: Multimodal Composition, Digital Rhetoric, Educational Technology
Dissertation: Digital Architectonics: A Case Study of Educator Designed Multimodal Texts
Committee: Dr. Jennifer Sheppard, Chair; Dr. Christopher Burnham; Dr. Patti Wojahn

MA The City College of New York, CUNY, NY, NY (May 2004)
Major: English Literature with a Concentration in Creative Writing
Primary Areas: Modern Poetry
Thesis: Knitted Braids
Thesis Committee: Marilyn Hacker

BA, Yeshiva University, NY, NY (May 2002)
Major: Physics
Primary Areas: Theoretical and Computational Physics

Director of the Writers’ Studio, Clayton State University
Spring 12-present
• Trained undergraduate and graduate writing consultants to support writing across the curriculum
• Designed assessment instruments to evaluate student learning efficacy
• Wrote annual report on student engagement
• Participated in university accreditation process by reporting student engagement to university’s student support services
• Developed on-site and online writing support workshops
• Maintained annual university-wide, faculty-led writing workshops

Assistant Professor, Clayton State University
Spring 12-present
• ENGL 3900: Professional and Technical Writing, Fall 13 (Online)
• ENGL 3700/5700: Response to Writing, Spring 12, Spring 13 (Hybrid)
• ENGL 3650: Writing for Nonprofits, Fall 12
• ENGL 3140: Visual Rhetoric, Summer 13
• ENGL 1101: English Composition I, Fall 12, Spring 13, Fall 13

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow: Georgia Institute of Technology
Fall 11
• LCC 3403 Sections G, J, & P: Technical Communication, Theory and Practice

Senior Instructor: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Fall 10-Spring 11
• ENGL 3850: Intercultural Document Design, Spring 11
• ENGL 3140: Managing Writing Projects for Business and Industry, Spring 11
• ENGL 2090: Introduction to Technical Writing and Presentation, Fall 10, Spring 11
• ENGL 3160: Tools for Technical Writers, Fall 10

Graduate Teaching Assistant – Instructor of Record: New Mexico State University
Fall 04-Spring 10
• ENGL 218G: Technical & Scientific Communication, Fall 10, Fall 09, Summer 08, Spring 08, Fall 07
• ENGL 318G: Advanced Technical & Professional Communication, Spring 09, Spring 10
• ENGL 111G: Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition, Fall 04, Spring 05, Summer 05, Summer 06

New Mexico State Writing Center, Fall 04, Summer 05, Spring 05, Summer 06, Fall 09, Spring 10
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

New Mexico State Online Writing Center, Fall 08, Spring 09
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

City College Writing Center, November 2003 – May 2004
The City College, New York, NY

Teacher Assistant for ACT Course, January 2004
The City College, New York, NY

Teacher Assistant in Astronomy Lab, Summer 2002, Summer 2001
Yeshiva University, New York, NY

Yeshiva College Writing Center, April 1998 – December 2000
Yeshiva University, New York, NY

Chapter proposal in collaboration with Dr. Cantice Greene (Clayton State University) for “Call for Essays: Collaborative Craft and the Work of Writing Programs and Writing Centers” edited by Alice J. Myatt, University of Mississippi and Lyneé Lewis Gaillet, Georgia State University submitted.

Book Review. Review of Multiliteracy Centers: Writing Center Work, New Media and Multimodal Rhetoric. Edited by David Sheridan, James A. Inman. Writing Center Journal, 33.1, 136-140.

[Contributing Author.] GATESOL 2013 Project/Professional Development for Higher and Adult Education. (Accepted. Received $1,000)

“Grant Proposal.” “Peer Academic Mentors for First-Year Writing,” USG Incubator Grant, March, 2013. [Finalist]

Lavender, G. (Presenter), Klein, S. (Producer) (2012). Mythology [Audio Podcast]. Las Cruces, NM: New Mexico State University. (Spring 2010). Retrieved from

“Grant Proposal.”"Collaborative Whiteboard Tabletop: Reinventing Material Space for Student-Centered Learning,” Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab: Commercialization Seed Award. April, 2012. [Finalist]

Blog Post. “”Soundscape Collage.”" TECHStyle. December 1, 2011.

Klein, S., & Lalla, S. A. (2010). Universal cultural elements and course management systems. In Kirk St. Amant and Filipp Sapienza’s (Eds.) Culture, Communication, & Cyberspace: Rethinking Technical Communication for International Online Environments. Amityville, NY: Baywood.

Poetry. “Talmud Poem.” Mima’amakim. 2010.

Thatcher, B., Barrantes, E., Dalzell, A., Dong, Q., Ford, C., Gallagher, R., Klein, S., Limbu, M., & Ramirez, L. (2007). Web site analysis across cultures: An inquiry into intercultural values and web site design. In Kirk St. Amant’s (Ed.) Linguistic and Cultural Online Communication Issues in the Global Age (pp.124-142). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Armstrong, L., Clason, S. S., Dalzell, A., Ford, C., Klein, S. (2006). Paideia 9: Gateways to English 111 Rhetoric and Composition at New Mexico State University. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Conference proposal for “Writing Center Association 2014 Conference” (Greenville, NC, February 2014) Proposal for Routable in collaboration with Drs. Gigi Taylor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Glenda Conway, University of Montevallo, and Jaclyn Wells, University Alabama at Birmingham submitted.

“Digital Architectonics: The Mechanics of Educator Designed Multimodal Text,” Computers and Writing (Frostburg, MA, June 2013)

“Assessment Special Interest Group,” International Writing Center Association Conference, (San Diego, CA, October 2012)

“Twitting Engagement in the Classroom,” Computers and Writing Conference, (Raleigh, NC, May 2012)

“Digital Architectonics: A Case Study of Educator Designed Multimodal Texts,” Computer and Writing Conference, (Davis, CA, May 2009)

“Do you suppose?: Hypothesis in scientific magazines,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference (San Francisco, CA, March 2008)

Rhetorical Communities: Cultural Analysis of Five Situated Communities,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, (NY, NY, March 2007)

“Website Designs Across Cultures: A Comparative Analysis,” Computers and Writing Conference, (Lubbock, TX, March 2006)

“Open sesame: Initializing a conversation about Hypothesis,” Symposium on Identity and the Problem of Language, (Las Cruces, NM, May 2005)

“Workshops Special Interest Group,” International Writing Center Association Conference, (San Diego, CA, October 2012)

“Do you suppose?: Hypothesis in scientific magazines,” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference (San Francisco, CA, March, 2008)

Rhetorical Communities: Cultural Analysis of Five Situated Communities,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, (NY, NY, March, 2007)

“Introduction to Podcasting,” USDA-CSREES National Water Conference, (St. Louis, MO, February, 2009)

English as a Second Language Write-Right Workshop, Spring 2014
Thesis Development Workshop (Online), February 5, 2013, ARST 6800: Research Methods
Thesis Development Workshop, June 20, 2012, Communication 1110: Spoken Communication
Avoiding Plagiarism, June 7, 2012, English 1101: First-Year Writing
Thesis Development Workshop (Online), March 13, 2012, ARST 6800: Research Methods
Thesis Development Workshop, February 22, 2012, CMS 3101: Media and Culture

Webmaster, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs English Department, Spring 2011
• Develop and edited content for Professional and Technical Writing Program
• Design visual web-friendly promotional material
• Gather and organize programmatic support material

Instructional Technology Consultant, Professor Gail Lavender, 2008-2010
• Edit live classroom and studio audio recordings for online delivery
• Re-Master and edit live audio recording using Pro Tools audio-editing software
• Upload and update podcast automatic syndication feed
• Provide hardware and software consultation

Instructional Technology Consultant, NMSU Information Communication Technologies, 2007-2008
• Conduct class- and web-based technology training to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants
• Design multimedia instructional courses and training materials applying instructional design strategies
• Perform GUI administration support of enterprise and university-wide learning technologies
• Review, test, and evaluate existing and new learning technologies well enough to see their usefulness and contribute to plans on how they could be integrated into the distributed learning technologies university-wide

Online Instruction Coordinator, NMSU Department of English, Fall 05-Spring 07
• Design and implement the integration of online curriculum for the First-Year Composition Program
• Assist First-Year Composition faculty and graduate teaching assistants in integrating WebCT and media into the classroom
• Design assessment tools for online instruction

Cornelia Street Café, November 2009
Bowery Poetry Café, May 2004
Bowery Poetry Café, September 2004
Cornelia Street Café, December 2003
Makor/Steinhardt Center, October 2003

Soldier. “Boom: A video for the Emergency Management Interactive Trainer Project of the US Army.” (2008). Filmed by Creative Media Institute of New Mexico State University. Directed by Nathaniel Freeman and Ilana Lapid.

Member, College of Arts and Science Dean Faculty Advisory Committee, Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Member, Carnegie Mellon Community Engagement University Committee, Fall 2013
Member, University Committee on Civic Engagement, Spring 2012-present
Member, English Department Assessment Committee, Fall 2012-present

HOPE animal assisted crisis-response comfort team, Fall 2013-present
Atlanta Pet Partners animal-therapy pet partner, Spring 2012-present
Literacy and Arts Teacher, Congregation Bet Haverim’s Community School, Aug 11-May12
Media Presentation Presenter/Mentor, Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico, Spring 2009
High School Web Design Teacher, Educational Talent Search: College Prep Program, Summer 2007
Youth Group Director, Temple Beth El, Las Cruces, NM, 2006-2008

Learning Management Systems: Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle
Assessment Applications: Respondus
Graphic Design/Image/Page Layout Applications: Photoshop, InDesign
Web Development Applications: Dreamweaver
Video Editing Applications: iMovie, Camtasia, Captivate Snapz Pro X, Photostory, Presentation Applications: Powerpoint, Prezi
Audio Editing and Management Applications: Pro Tools LE, Audacity, iTunesU
Blogging Software: WordPress, Blogspot
Word Processing/Spreadsheet Applications: Word, Excel, Scrivener
Webware: CentraOne, Google Documents, Google Reader

Member of the Technical Committee, Marion L. Brittain Fellow
Participant, The BIG Idea Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
“How to Use Google Documents in the Classroom,” Special Guest for Writing Program Colloquium, December 2, 2009
“Advice from the Trenches: Writing the Dissertation,” Special Guest Speaker for Dr. Jen Almjeld’s English 548: Empirical Research Methods, November 16, 2009
Graduate Research Network, Computers and Writing Conference, 2009
Graduate Research Network, Computers and Writing Conference, 2006
Writing Across the Curriculum, May 2005
New Graduate Assistant Orientation: Professional Development Workshop NMSU Graduate School Orientation, New Mexico State University, August 18, 2004
Member, Board of Directors, Mima’amakim, 2000-Present
Chief Editor, Mima’amakim, 2000-2001

Modern Language Association
National Council of Teachers of English
Text and Academic Authors Association
International Writing Center Association
Southeastern Writing Center Association

Honorary Doctorate Publish and Flourish Teaching Academy NMSU April 14, 2009
Travel Grant Computers and Writing Conference, 2009
Travel Grant Computers and Writing Conference, 2006
Honorary Doctorate Publish and Flourish Teaching Academy NMSU April 18, 2007
Graduate Assistantship Award ($1000) Graduate School, NMSU, 2006-2007
Certificate of Appreciation Wellness, Alcohol, & Violence Education Program, NMSU June 1, 2006
Graduate Assistantship Merit Award, NMSU, 2006
Distinguished Member, Teaching Academy, NMSU, 2005-2006
First Place, Columbia University Biosphere 2 Research Contest, “Computational Model of RR Lyrae Stars.” 2001

Composing on the Screen and Page
Document Design
Technology and Pedagogy
Technology, Society, and Education
Developing and Managing Educational Networks
Intercultural Technical and Professional Communication
Rhetoric of Scientific Communication
Composition Theory and Pedagogy
Composition Theory and History

Native fluency in English and Hebrew
Cultural and conversational fluency in Spanish
Rudimentary reading in Spanish, French, and Aramaic

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